9mm  Luger. 122gr.FP,Moly Coated. Tucson Ammo Company Remanufactured Ammo.

IMPROVED NEWLY improved 3 coat moly Coat. 


This is the latest and greatest to replace copper jackets that are not available, more cost effective. This proprietary Polymer Moly coat is revolutionary.  After it has cured it creates a thin soft jacket that is .005 thick and heat resistant to 500 deg. Muzzle Velocity: 960fps.

For more information Click on the link to go to out new information website; Tucsonammocompany.com

We recommend you frequently clean your barrel with lead remover solvent like Montana X-Treme Cowboy Blend.
 $$$Save money$$$ With "ugly Brown Box" of 200 round box.

Brass case. Box primed.

No Returns on Ammunition. Non Refundable.

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9mm Luger.122gr.FT.MLC.200rd.Ugly brown box.Remanufactured Ammo.

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