5.56, 55gr SPZ.SP. 200rd.Ugly brown box. Remanufactured Ammo.
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$$$Save money$$$ with our Ugly Brown bulk boxes.

Limited supply.              If it goes into back order please expect up to 90 day delay.


5.56,55gr,Spitzer, Soft Point. Tucson Ammo Company Remanufactured AmmoThis is loaded to 5.56 military spec.  Muzzle Velocity: 3140. In Ugly Brown Box of 200 rounds. Reloadable Brass case. Box primed. Our ammunition is high quality with all American made. 


This is high quality Varmit, match grade remanufactured  ammunition, not blasting ammo. 1/4 MOA on my Panther rifle.For more information Click on the link to go to out new information website; Tucsonammocompany.com


What else is in our ammo? 

  • Greatest Value for the buck.
    This is high quality ammunition. Look at what you get when you purchase our Ammo.
  • Ultrasonic cleaned and polished in two different steps.
  • Case necks annealed for increased accuracy.
  • Match dies used for sizing for more uniform cases wall reconstruction. Resulting in increasing accuracy.
  • Primer pocket uniformed
  • Ammunition is made in a controlled environment of low humidity of 15%.
  • Brought up to 5.56 mil speck with match accuracy with every shot.
  • Match bullet seating die used for proper bullet alignment during seating process resulting in increasing accuracy at longer ranges.
  • .225/ 1/4 inch MOA at 100 yds. With two test rifles.

No Returns on Ammunition. Non Refundable. 

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5.56, 55gr SPZ.SP. 200rd.Ugly brown box. Remanufactured Ammo.

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