5.56, 55gr FMJ
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.223/5.56,55gr,FMJ,BT. Tucson Ammo Company Remanufactured AmmoThis is loaded to 5.56 military spec.  Muzzle Velocity: 3140. In 200 round CUBE. Brass case. Box primed. Our ammunition is high quality with all American made components. 


This is high quality match grade remanufactured  ammunition, not blasting ammo. 1/4 MOA on my Panther rifle.For more information Click on the link to go to out new information website; Tucsonammocompany.com

What else is in our ammo?


  • Greatest Value for the buck.
    This is high quality ammunition. Look at what you get when you purchase our Ammo.
  • Ultrasonic cleaned and polished in two different steps.
  • Case necks annealed for increased accuracy.
  • Match dies used for sizing for more uniform cases wall reconstruction. Resulting in increasing accuracy.
  • Primer pocket uniformed
  • Ammunition is made in a controlled environment of low humidity of 15%.
  • Brought up to 5.56 mil speck with match accuracy with every shot.
  • Match bullet seating die used for proper bullet alignment during seating process resulting in increasing accuracy at longer ranges.
  • .225/ 1/4 inch MOA at 100 yds. With two test rifles.

No Returns on Ammunition. Non Refundable. 

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5.56/223, 55gr FMJ. 200rd. CUBE. Remanufactured Ammo.

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